As an avid hunter for the past 32 years, Andy Cuttitta fell
in love with bow hunting for whitetails shortly after he
bought his first bow at the age of 16. During his first 24
years of hunting he purchased numerous types of
camouflage clothes and was continually frustrated by
the limitations of camouflage products designed for
whitetail hunting from tree stands. Most camouflage
companies offered seasonal patterns that looked pretty
but didn't work well in the field. It cost a small fortune to
outfit himself with all of the patterns needed to hunt
through the seasonal changes. Andy started modifying
some of his existing gear by painting them with accents
to more realistically match the exact environment and
season he was hunting in.
It all starts with an idea...
Frustrated with current camo patterns that were available, an idea to "Be
the Tree" evolved. Ultimate Camo is now 100% manufactured in the USA.
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